Friday, October 14, 2011

Relationships - Anniversaries should be special

I'm one that believes that you should celebrate the day you two met or wed. I don't care if it's something small or extravagant, just a little something to show your love.

My husband and I celebrated our four year anniversary last week and he was a total sweetheart. We both decided that our five year we'd do something fun... a true vacation to celebrate the five years we made it together! Which meant, naturally, this year wasn't as important.

That didn't stop him from being the perfect gentleman and showing that life still has those unexpected surprises!

He bought me diamond earrings, replacing the one's that fell down the drain at a doctor's office one week a month ago. As if that wasn't enough he also bought me a bouquet of flowers. For those who know my husband, he's not a romantic so these gestures shows he cares and listen.

What did we eat for dinner? $5 pizza from Little Caesars. So inexpensive and yet we enjoyed each other's company, inside our house, and it was better than any dinner date we could have had.

For me it's all about time. I just want time with my husband, the gifts are special, but the time is what really matters. So on your anniversary you should take time to just be with one another, after all, in the end, that's what really matters.


  1. so sweet! I don't know our plans for our 5 year (only 5 months away!), except that I want to get takeout and eat dinner at our reception site (which we can because it's private and my mom works there).

  2. That is very sweet! I also think it is very important to celebrate anniversaries! Much love to you two!

  3. Oh! It's my 5 year anniversary in 2 weeks. Thanks for reminding me :-)

    And happy anniversary for last week :-)

  4. awww.....he sounds like an awesome hubby! we are able to celebrate our sixth month anniversary...i cannot wait to get to one year! congrats!

  5. Awww, sounds like your husband is a total sweetheart!

    And I agree with you on time. Last year was our first wedding anniversary and we didn't have a baby sitter, so our daughter came along on our dinner date.

    This year my dad has a conference near where we live and my mom is coming along. They'll be here for our anniversary and we are going out SANS baby!