Friday, October 21, 2011

Holiday Tip: Costume Complications

Never give up on costumes for Halloween. I don't know who all plans on going to a Halloween party this year, but the hubster and I throw our own party and LOVE dressing up. In fact, at our parties, costumes are required!

This year was ROUGH. We never have a whole lot of luck finding costumes. It takes us forever, and last weekend was no exception. After an hour of searching we each found what we wanted. Next year we'll shop early and order online. It'll definitely be worth it. Since we've only done this three years in a row we're still learning.

What we ended with:

Queen of Hearts and Zombie (obvs the hubsters the zombie). I found a picture of mine... it seems the Zombie one is much harder to find than I thought!

What are you dressing up as? Remember to never give up! Go for what you want. There are too many stores NOT to get what you want!


  1. Don't know what I'll be yet. May need to take a trip to savers. My back up costume is Maru the cat. I will just add a cardboard box to my cat ears.

  2. I want to something this year zombie party.You are provide the new idea to me.

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