Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Me Time: Reasons to love Etsy

I bring you Me Tip: Reasons to love Etsy! I'm one that loves to save money but also wants something unique and memorable to chat about. Well, there is this little known website ETSY that rocks my world.

With all these beautifully handmade pieces it's hard not to go crazy with all the great stuff! I'm one, that when it's time to splurge, still splurge on a dime. Very rarely do I go over the wall to extravagant. I wear these pieces when I'm feeling daring, unique, and want to make a statement!

I figured every once in awhile I'll show you some of the most recent and favorite pieces of mine!!! I'll provide the cost and the link if you choose the purchase them!!!

This honeycomb pendant is AMAZING! Price: $35

Gumball Charm Necklace is darling! Price: $10

Such a cute headband! I own a few! Price: $26

It's hard not to fall in love! So, any to your liking? Do you love Etsy? What other sites do you use?

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  1. wow these things are great i especially love the honey pendant! :D Xx

  2. I LOVVVVE all things Etsy! I bought so many things for our wedding there. And my sister's bridal shower is this weekend and I've bought quite a few DIY items and fun costume jewelery for her. I wish I was crafty enough to actually make and sell items on Etsy, lol

  3. I love etsy!! Its dangerous though too haha. You on pinterest?? Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love finding new blogs!!

  4. This honeycomb pendant really IS amazing!