Friday, September 30, 2011

Traveling: For the Holidays

If you're one to travel during the holidays much like my husband and I do every other year for family, you'll want to have a little fun.

I've decided to share the recipe for a safe and happy travel! Whether you're traveling by car or plane, mishaps can always happen. It's what you do with them to make them fun. Here are some tips on ensuring your entire holiday is a success.

1. Embrace the complicated.

My husband and I have had issues where we were stranded in a unknown city or ran out below freezing window washer fluid. Rather than panicking we laughed our way through it.

In the new city we embraced the opportunity to learn something about the town. Visiting their information center we learned they were all about their wood carvings, which were beautiful! It allowed us time to have our flat tired changed & bond a little before heading off for the rest of our journey. Think of it as an adventure.

With the window washer fluid, we drove down the freeway with a bottle of fluid throwing it aimlessly on the car before the windshield froze over again. Not a pleasant experience but we laughed during it -- and learned a lesson!

2. Be Unique.

My husband and are quirky but on a road trip we plan surprises. On mile marker 622 I'll have a special mug of hot apple cider waiting for him. Half way through the road trip he'll stop by a local supermarket and we'll pick up a tiara for me and a comedy CD to listen to on the next phase of the trip. The more surprises that come the less it feels like travel and the more it feels like adventure.

3. Play those games.

You played Eye Spy or the Alphabet game when you were a kid, what's stopping you now? It's a lot more fun when you're both actively seeking for the next letter of the alphabet, or searching for the fifty states on licenes plates. Traveling isn't meant to be all stress. Make it fun!

4. Waiting Time is Fun Time.

When waiting to board the plane check out the little shops. They are there for you. You don't need to buy everything in sight but it's fun to pretend you can afford that expensive piece of jewelery or just get comfy in your seat and people watch.

My husband and I decide if someone is traveling for business or pleasure. In choosing one we must, from there, set up a story for why that person is going and what kind of experience they'll have.

Most of all just have a little fun! If you're not having fun you'll find yourself subjected to longer flights, terrible layovers, flat tires, and the baby that won't stop screaming next to you.

How do you travel? Have any tips for me?

Monday: Hot Apple Cider in Apples!


  1. Those are cute tips! I love to play such games! It's so much fun! :)


  2. That's definitely a fun way to travel...

    I have an award for you Jen... YAY!

  3. I simply LOVE your outlook on life. Whenever I visit your blog, I always feel a spark of happiness ignite inside me!!

    Thank you for these great tips....especially the travelling ones. I will *try* and bear them in mind!!


  4. Awesome ideas! Anything to calm the storm of crazy!! :)

  5. What fun tips. I just tend to eat a lot when I :)