Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Party Tip: Party Pantry Checklist

I had the pleasure this weekend of meeting the fabulous Tara Wilson. She attended the Metro Cooking Show here in Houston. It was an absolute blast. The Houston Blogging Chicks and I had the pleasure of an intimate setting where she taught us her speciality! Here we all are! Tara's in the cute dress right up front!

She is a fabulous event planner. If you're looking for party tips on a budget she's your gal! She loves taking inexpensive items and turning them into something fabulous.

I'll share tips that I learned from her, from time to time.

Today's tip - Tara's Party Pantry Checklist...
"When you stock your party pantry with these items, you'll be ready to entertain whenever the moment strikes!"

1. Mixed Nuts
2. Decorative Cookies
3. Gourmet pastas and pasta sauces
4. Forzen hors d'oeurves
5. Assorted crackers
6. Variety of cheese
    Hard: Machego
    Semi-Hard: Blue
    Soft: Chevre
7. Wine
8. Champagne or Prosecco
9. Bourbon
10. Gin
11. Gin
12. Mixers
      Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite
      Cranberry Juice
      Orange Juice
      Soda Water
      Tonic Water
13. Garnishes
      Colored Sugars
      Pickled onions
      Stuffed olives
14. Cocktail Napkins

Now I have to say after going through this list I panicked. Until I realized that I'm not at the stage where entertaining is appropriate. After all, my first attempt with pancakes was clearly a disaster. However, I've put her checklist in my pantry for inspiration. I do hope to end up where uninvited guests do arrive and I'm able to provide a delicious pasta meal!

Question: Do you own anything on the list? Are you one to have many uninvited guests?

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  1. Hehe, I can honestly say that I own nothing on that list! When people unexpectedly visit the enchanted tree house, I usually offer them freshly squeezed juice and a rainbow of vegetable and/or fruit nibbles. I'm afraid Ms. Tara Wilson probably won't be stopping by anytime soon...Xx

  2. Is it a Freudian slip that you've listed gin twice? :-)

    If I have visitors, it's best for everyone concerned that we get takeout :-)

  3. What an awesome list! I don't entertain unexpectedly all that often (maybe a few times a year at most), but I always have a bottle of white and red wine in case I go over to someone's house.

  4. Great tips!! :] you have a lovely blog!! :]

  5. Great list!! I always think that I need to be more prepared for unexpected guests!

  6. Excellent list! I'd add tortilla chips and fresh salsa to it, too. Not sure if this is a good thing or not, but I have everything on that list in my house plus everything to make Bloody Mary's and margaritas.

  7. Great idea, all of those things are definitely important!

  8. Great list...

    Since I entertain A LOT and had parents who did as well, I have many of the things on that list...