Friday, September 23, 2011

Holiday Tip - Dressing up your pumpkin

With Halloween around the corner it's always great to start thinking of ideas early!

How are you going to play it this year?

Chic and stylish?
Scary and Gory?
Fun and festive?

When you're able to decide what theme you'd like around the house it makes it so much easier! You'll want to decide if you want real or fake pumpkins. I love real, but sometimes neighborhood teens have a tendency to play the pumpkin throwing game and that gets messy! Regardless of the pumpkin you choose the same rules still apply!

Chic and stylish:

1. Ribbon love. Grab those remnants of holiday ribbon and add double sided tape, and voila - a cute centerpiece!
2. Spray Paint or Craft Paint. Polka-dots, stripes, swirly designs. Get funky, these cute little pumpkins are easy as painting on a coat of your favorite color and dressing it up in style!
3. Tag Line Cutie. Leave cute little trick or treat quotes on scrapbook paper, use some halloweenish ribbon and leave these little gems all around the house! They're the cutest little addition for the holiday!
4. Crepe Paper Votives. These are one of my favorites! Crepe paper, glue, and baby food jars and you'll have the cutest pumpkins and ghosts in town! Check out the instructions!

Scary and Gory:

1. Pattern love. The online world is a fabulous one, find the perfect SCARY pattern to carve OR paint on your pumpkin!
2. Throw them up. So this one I always enjoy seeing, I personally wouldn't want to deal with the clean-up, but when you're going with gross this one's the real deal!
3. The more the merrier. If you're going for a wicked look I suggest several lit up pumpkins. The neighbors will think you've gone crazy, but you've just nailed the perfect look.
4. Angling for the best outcome. I find that placing the pumpkin in different positions often gives the pumpkin a new edge, character. Utilize all the space.

Fun and Festive:

1. Decortive. Utilize every day house items to spruce up the pieces out on your front porch, dining room table, etc. Shovels, rakes, silver - black - white or orange bowls to liven up the halloween spirit.
2. Team Spirit. Often times you'll see sports initials and mascots on pumpkins and that's the way people celebrate! If your little one loves princess or a wizard, find a pattern and use it as a way to make Halloween less scary in your household.
3. Pumpkin Decorating. Buy paints and let the kids go wild with their own versions of pumpkins. With pinks, blues, greens galore, everyone is sure to have a good time and want to show of their finished pieces.
4. Every color pumpkin. I love nothing more than visiting the pumpkin patch and picking out the odd colored ones, from green to white they add just a little more flare to your decorative feel.

Question: What theme are you thinking about this year?

Monday: Keeping the spice in your marriage!


  1. What a great post! I have been seeing these decorated posters all over Pinterest! I love the ribbon and monogram decorated ones! The pumpkin throwing up is really funny! I'm excited to read your post for monday!!

    Be sure to check out my blog! I'm hosting my first giveaway right now!


  2. We don't really celebrate Halloween here, sometimes I wich we did so that I could be as creative as you are!!

    Thanks for your comment :)
    Just became a follower xo

  3. Haha. I lurv the popcorn puking pumpkin. And it soothes my alliterative cravings, as well. :) Like this blog! It's so cozy and cute!

  4. Super cute ideas! Thanks for the Inspiration!

  5. OOH! I'm not a big halloween fan, but have definitely decided that I can be chic and stylish while celebrating the holiday! Love the ideas! Too fab!

    Your blog is so cute! Can't wait to read more! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

  6. I love the A&M Halloween pumpkin!
    You have great taste! :)

  7. How fun! Can't wait for pumpkin season! I'm thinking polka dot pumpkins now--too cute!

  8. Welcome to the world of blogging! So glad you stopped by!

    These are all great ideas, I want to try decorating a pumpkin with ribbon, so cute!

  9. Love those! My theme is going to be ridiculously eclectic. I'm moving more and more into making all gifts / decorations, so I'm planning on making a few a year. I've already got loads of stuff pinned down on and have my Hobby Lobby shopping list ready!

  10. Since i LOVE crafts, etc, These pumpkins are AMAZING. Super fantastic.

    I would love to do a BIG Halloween splash, but since I live in a condo now, it's not the same as having a house with tons of neighborhood kids.

    Hopefully in the future, I will again.