Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Decorative Tip: Dressing up your front entrance for the seasons

I know not everyone owns a house, but first impressions are key when you first walk into someones home. Whether it be a house or an apartment. I love dressing up the front so when someone walks in they can see my personality!

If you have a great entrance with a table, coat hanger, and more you have any more to work with! If you're like me, and have just island from the kitchen in your tiny apartment, that's okay too. Each home can have a decorative spin and it doesn't have to be costly!

Here's a few tips on how to make your home a little more festive. Since Halloween is here I'll go with simple knick knacks to add a little flare!

First I love to check my local stores. Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Pier 1 Imports and Kirkland's are my go to places!

Simple ways to liven up your space for under $10

Holiday Candles - ($1-5): Buy mixed matched colors, different sizes, set up your own design with various shades of orange and different designs.

Ornaments & Tree - ($1-10): Hobby Lobby is known for carrying mini-trees all year long. Grab yourself one (paint black or green if necessary), buy little pumpkin, ghost, and bat ornaments to complete the theme.

Fun knick-knacks - ($1-10): Hobby Lobby (everything 50% off) has these adorable sparkly pumpkins (various colors), and holiday bears with witch hats, and graveyard scenes on their shirts. It's a festive and fun look to your home.

Table cloth - ($5-10): With either holiday table cloth or fabric that's own sale, this is a simple and very quick way to show your holiday spirit.

Halloween cards - ($1-10): Walmart has a fabulous $1 section where you can pick up several holiday cards. For a cheaper route they're also colored card stock to buy in bulk where you can decorate your own cards for a Halloween look on a budget.

For outside decor ranging from fall to christmas there is tons of variety!!!! Think wreaths, color, and pumpkins!!

Question: What would you do to add a little Halloween life in your home?

Friday: Travel Tips, For the Holidays (and all year round!)


  1. OOOoo, the designer in me is screaming LEAVES...

    As the weather cools up north, bright golds, reds, oranges flaming on the trees all around. Why not grab a bunch. Let them dry a bit and place in a bowl or on a mantle. IF not real, Michaels has gorgeous leafy garlands to decorate.

    I am also a WHEAT freak. Although more expensive, Wheat is lovely to decorate with.

    While outside grab some twigs too. Mix twigs, leaves, and acorns on any surface.

    OF course, gourds, pumpkins, and plaid ribbon can create amazing things. Wreaths are a must. Start with a vine wreath and add all of the above or fake pears, apples, and oranges, or REAL. They can be dried if you have the time. Slice and place on tray in oven at 200 degrees for a few hours. Leaves a lovely scent in the house.

    How about cinnamon sticks.... Wrap plaid ribbon around and place on side tables with a few pine cones.

    Think NATURE with this season. After all this is HARVEST time. You'd be amazed at what you can find. And, with your imagination, the skies the limit.

  2. I like the pumpkin topiary by the door. Nice! I like classy decor rather than cartoony-gimmicky. Note: I USED to like cartoony-gimmicky and have since donated/tossed most such decor in attempts to be classy. I still have a bendy skeleton toy I hang on a door knob because Halloween should be fun!

  3. This looks so great! I'm so sad Halloween isn't so popular in Germany...


  4. I'm so bad :( Because i have an apartment I never decorate...which is silly really. I should change that this season!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Welcome to the blogworld :)! I am sure you are going to be popular, just a week and you are giving great tips :)!

    I am following too :)!

  6. I am so glad you visited my blog so I could find your adorable blog! I can relate to so many of the things you are experiencing as a beginner housewife! xoxo K

  7. I am not big on decorations, but as an American living in Australia it just boggles my mind that they go straight to Christmas in September. No halloween. No thanksgiving. What's a girl to do if she can't carve a pumpkin?

  8. We just bought a few holiday candles! Pumpkin spiced candles! Love 'em! I'm sort of weird about "collecting" stuff (I strongly dislike collections of any kind) so candles are perfect because you use them...and then throw them away! :)