Friday, November 18, 2011

Relationships: Staying Close

Relationships come in many forms. There are different bonds with each relationship we have. From sisters, to spouses, all the way to friendships. All are treated differently on our own personal totem pole.

How do you keep them all close to your heart without losing yourself in pleasing everyone?

I for one used to have trouble letting go. I'd do things for everyone else and would also forget about myself. In doing so I lost what I loved most, being myself. When you become friends with someone you shouldn't conform to their likes, it's what makes you different that draws them to you.

How does one stay close if they're so far away?

One of my sisters lives in another state. Staying close is impossible when it comes to distance but through our actions we show we care. She'll send pictures of my niece and her cats, whatever is happening in her life at the moment. I reciprocate and through that a bond remains.

I have some friends who are into sports and others into spa days. I allow myself at least once or twice a month to do something fun for me. Sometimes I won't get to see spa friends, but we are all busy, beating yourself up about ruins the fun. Pick your poison and run with those friends.

I've learned by doing what I want those around me remain happier and that keeps me happy.

How do you keep your relationships close?


  1. It's hard. My husband is in the Air Force so our family and friends are ten hours away. We skype when we can. And call, text, and send gifts back and forth. But one thing that I love is whenever we return home, we're still family. We're still friends. Things just fall into place.

    I think when you've found a true friend that they are like family. The distance may make you feel as if things are rough and you aren't close, but when you're back together it's as if you never left.

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